Miracles of Astrology in finding Education in a birth chart

Astrology readings can work wonders in finding and analyzing the level of education in a birth chart.

The importance and role of education in our life need no introduction.  Having good education not only helps in getting independent and financially secure; but also enriches our personality to lead an overall better life.  The role of Astrology readings becomes quite important as such the astrological analysis of the birth chart can very well indicate the positive and negative areas in the life of a native in respect of educational pursuits.

Get astrology readings of education for your birth chart

Astrology readings can indicate in advance

  • if the native is going to face any trouble in his education,
  • how significantly he can use the education in his professional life,
  • whether he will be able to get the minimum required education,
  • which area|subject is more suitable for him in educational matters,
  • whether he will be able to get education in foreign lands,
  • what precautions are required to be taken to deal with the current and expected hurdles in his education,
  • which gem stone can help him in acquiring good ranks in education,
  • what are the chances of getting admission in college |university for higher education
Get astrology readings of education for your birth chart

For astrology readings of the fifth house of a birth chart, Jupiter, Mercury and the Moon are analyzed in a birth chart to find the answers of above mentioned questions.  The strength of Mercury and Moon indicate if the person will have interest in acquiring education or otherwise.  The strength of Jupiter will tell about the level of his intelligence in acquiring and using the education in his life.  The strength of fifth house will indicate the resources one may have for acquiring education.

Get astrology readings of education for your birth chart

Let us understand this with the aid of some examples of astrology readings.  The following birth chart belongs to a person who was born into a very rich and prosperous family.  He was getting education in one of the best schools available in the vicinity; but even then he could not complete 10th standard. Reason?

See the fifth house of the chart.  Malefic Saturn is placed in its debilitation there and is under mutual aspect with debilitated Sun. The fifth lord Mars is placed in lagna but not having any benefic influence|aspect from auspicious planets.

Get astrology readings of education for your birth chart

Example birth chart – 2 :  Astrology readings for education in the chart of famous bollywood celebrity Mr. Abhishek Bachchan, who suffered from dyslexia during his childhood.

See the placement of Moon in the sixth house of the birth chart.  The Moon is further afflicted by conjunction of malefic Jupiter in the sixth house, which signifies health issues related to the Moon.    In addition to this, the Mercury is placed in the sign of Saturn and conjunct with malefic Sun.  Astrology readings of these factors remained responsible for creating problems in educational pursuits of Abhishek Bachchan.  It is only the placement of Saturn in the tenth house of his birth chart, that Abhishek Bachchan could overcome his problems.  Needless to mention that Saturn is a yoga-karaka planet for Libra Ascendant and ruler of the fifth house.  It is also pertinent to mention here that it may be that Abhishek Bachchan would have remained under good astrology readings to deal with the issue.

Get astrology readings of education for your birth chart
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